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Are You Always Looking For Latest Products, Latest Trends, Good Deals, Large Profit, Margins, Stress Free Service From Manufacturers ?

In M Jannet J We Design And Create Sofas, Beds, Carpets, Rugs, Flooring, Tiles, Fabrics, Paintings, Lighting and any object that help to make your house having the design you want.

We Work With
-Furniture And Interior Product  Trade Suppliers, Wholesalers, Distributors And Retailers
– People Looking To Set Up A New Business

Our team  M Jannet J works specially on Residential, Commercial, Hospitality Sectors.

You can get all the services below with M Jannet J :
-The Wholesale Of Our Own Products
-We Design And Manufacture New Ideas For Trade Suppliers, Wholesalers, Distributors And Retailers
-Offer Exclusive Rights On Our Products And New Products To Individual Companies/ Private Individuals

And we will present our services in Visuals Of New Ideas And Designs, Videos Of New Ideas And Designs, Sampling ,Physical Products And Materials, Room Settings Of Products For Marketing, Descriptions Of Products and Technical Details Of Products.

M Jannet J have 18 Years Experience Within The Interior Design, Architectural Design, and Product Design Industry.

Most Important To Our Team is Client Satisfaction, High Quality Service And Products, New Ideas Based On Extensive Research, Innovation In Design And Development, Recommendation Of Our Work.

For Trade, Wholesale, Distribution And Retail Enquiries Please Complete The Form Below