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Bespoke Service

Adding Style & Individuality To Your Home

Adding Style & Individuality To Your Home At M Jannet J , we specialise in transforming our clients’ ideas into reality with our bespoke services. We provide bespoke services for furniture, flooring, carpet, fabrics, leather and much much more. Using best-quality natural materials and expertise of skills craftsmen, we manufacture products that not only meet your exact specifications, but are also a true representation of your idea of a piece of furniture or any other interior product. Our ability to transform your idea into a beautiful artistic piece of furniture or whatever else you desire will leave you pleasantly surprised.

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Made to your specifications with natural materials offering the highest quality of craftsmanship to our customers who seek uniqueness and individuality in everything, we manufacture best-quality, durable furniture according to your precise specifications. Paying special attention to every single piece, our skilled craftsmen manufacture furniture that perfectly complements your home decor and adds to its style and elegance. Whether it’s about manufacturing a leather buttoned sofa that dominates the entire interior or an eye-pleasing royal chair, we ensure you optimum style and functionality in everything we design and manufacture. From made-to-order timeless sofa to custom-designed chairs, we always go to an extra mile to realise your creative vision and shape it into a stunning piece of furniture that truly portrays your idea of elegance and functionality.


Prime material, exclusive designs, and impeccable craftsmanship Genuine leather and natural materials represents luxury, elegance, and uniqueness, and to let you enjoy all the three benefits, M Jannet J Company offers bespoke leathers and fabrics. Sourced from the best places, our bespoke leathers and fabrics promise you longevity, style, and exclusiveness. Our bespoke leathers and fabrics are a perfect solution for interior designers and architects looking to add some final finishes to the interior of a home with genuine leather and natural fabrics available in a range of custom colours and designs, our Duke and Empress, features best-quality leathers which will perfectly fit your precise colour and design specifications. Whether you want to print a pattern on our genuine leather or fabric products or you want to customize some aspects of design or colours, M Jannet J Company can help you realise your idea of a true luxurious leather and fabric product with its bespoke services. We find the perfect colour match for you or create it and make sure that it fits all the criteria of premium-quality leather and fabric including design, colours, finishes, and trims. 


Freshen up your living space with comfort and colours M Jannet J Company’s bespoke scatter cushions bring a luxurious and decorative feel to your living space.

Generously filled with premium-quality, super-plush fillings, our bespoke scatter cushions add a layer of luxury to your seating and offer you ultimate comfort.

From standard filling to luxury and premium fillings, our bespoke scatter cushions are available in a range of fillings which will transform the look and feel of your sofa and make it look richer and more stylish.

Choose our all-wool scatter cushions that are light yet offer a firm stable feel or choose foam-filled cushions that are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance.

In addition to this, you may also opt for combination wraps, polyester fibres, and down and feathers.

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