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Luxury Leather

M Jannet J carries stunning collections of sofas, chairs and leather products. We also provide bespoke services for furniture, leather and scatter cushions.

At M Jannet J, we have a passion for offering the very best to our customers and therefore, we give individualised attention and time to create luxurious leather that retains its uniqueness and ages naturally adding elegance and style anywhere it’s used.

Created using only the top grains of the hides, our leather products retain their natural look and proudly display the natural marks and scars that add to the authenticity and beauty of leather.


We believe that the beauty of leather lies in its marks of natural origin. Leather that is altered or sanded off is unnatural and it loses all the good things the natural leather products possess. We do not sand off leather or use heavy amount of pigments to cover the sanded surface of the hide. Therefore, all our leather products retain their inherent charm which is indicative of their genuineness and authenticity.

We have a discerning eye when it comes to the selection of best and rare hides that do not need any modification and create luxurious leather that breathes, shines, and reflects the owner’s passion for original leather products. Fancy a leather briefcase to elegant leather jackets and footwear, furnishings and upholstery to automotive products, our genuine leathers can be used for a multitude of applications.


At M Jannet J, we combine quality craftsmanship with our passion for beauty and style to create timeless, best-quality leather products that wear in, not out. All our specialty leathers are hand finished by skilled workers. As a result, each piece is unique and exclusive.

We aspire to provide our customers with leather products that stand out. Therefore, no two leather products have exactly similar colour shades and tones. Each piece offered is truly unique and individual.



The Duke leather range is a collection of standard coloured leathers, which will perfectly complement your existing décor, furnishings, accessories, etc. and give it a premium look. Featuring flawless designs and standard leather colours, our duke range promises you ultimate style and maximum durability wherever it is used. Use it to adorn your car’s interior or show it off as a part of your home decor to your guests and visitors. No matter the use, it is sure to shine and impress everyone.



Featuring unique textures, bold metallic colours, and intricate prints, our all real empress range leathers can be easily distinguished from other conventional leather products at the first glance.
The range is introduced by M Jannet J to fulfil your desire for individuality and exclusiveness. Available
in a variety of colours and designs, our empress leathers can be used to add luxury to homes, hotels, nightclubs, or anywhere, where you want to instil charm and elegance.

Emperor Range 


Presenting a wide range of colours and designs, faux metallic leathers are extremely resistant to abrasions and maintain their pristine look for years. With their unusual yet enticing metallic look and stunning metallic colours, our faux metallic leathers grab the attention of everyone immediately and compel them to appreciate its beauty and uniqueness. Perfect to decorate high-traffic areas, our emperor leather collection promises you minimum maintenance and maximum longevity. Use faux metallic leather upholstery in your drawing room or enhance the corporate look of your office’s visiting area with the mystic beauty of our Emperor range. Emperor leathers create a lasting impression and style statement and tempt the onlookers to touch and feel the luxury.

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