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A royal silk look and feel that enhances the entire look of the confined space and offers a touch of elegance and charm.
This wallpaper is among the most demanded wall decor items to perfectly obtain a rich look.
An amazing product to complete your ‘glam’ design and give any room a posh and refined appearance.

If you’re trying to style your living space in a sophisticated manner, consider silk wallpapers perfect for your task and you will never be disappointed. Silk wall coverings were once the sign of luxury, and a standard for elegant living by the nobility. Fortunately, today, you don’t have to have tons of wealth to be the proud owner of silk wall coverings, you can just click a button and buy it online.


African, Air Force, Alabaster, Ash Brown, Carolina, Carrys, Charcoal Digital, Crimson, Dandy, Double Click, Dover White, Downy, Dull, Egg Nog, Elephant, Fire, Galactic Tint, Golden Apricot, Granny Smith, Intellectual, Jasmine White, Laurel, Lavender, Light, Oceana, Mauve, Mellow, Metal Magnet, Minded Coal, Mint Fresh, Moon Quake, Mustard Gold, Naples, Natural Calico, Oyster, Pencil Point, Petal, Pistachi, Powder, Rainmaster, Rasp, Redwood, Rust, Sand Dollar, Sepia, Shiny Luster, Simply White, Spring Tea, Spruce Fir, Steel, Suede, Sugar Cookie, Sun Beam, Tan Almond, Timeless, Trombone, Umber, Vapor Maya, Wood, Zero Gravity

How to install the wallpaper?

Keep these supplies ready with you-
1. A pair of sharp scissors or a straight edge and craft knife.
2. Pencil
3. Paint roller or a large paste brush
4. Soft cloth
5. A level or a plumb line
1. All surfaces should be cleaned after all the old wall coverings have been completely removed.
2. To get the best results, make sure the surfaces are smooth, primed, painted and dry. They need to be permeable and normally absorbent.
3. The colour of the wall surfaces should be similar to that of the wallpaper to avoid any dark coloured wall surfaces showing through the paper after installation.
4. Freshly painted walls need to be left for at least 3 weeks before installing wallpaper.
5. Check the wallpaper for any imperfections in consistency or design. Match the batch numbers.

Hanging Process:

Make sure you get the hanging process done by a skilled paper hanger as the process requires utmost care and attention.

1. Create a vertical or a plumb line.
2. Apply the adhesive and spread it evenly with a paint brush in the first width.
3. Aligning the wallpaper to the vertical line, stick it on the selected width coated with adhesive and press gently.
4. Use a smoothing brush to smooth the air pockets.
5. At the ceiling and the skirting board, trim the excess paper without folding it.
6. Use a soft roller to gently press the seams of the paper on the wall. Make sure you don’t use a hard roller or a scratching board so as to avoid any sort of damage to the paper.
7. Avoid getting paste onto the roller. Wipe off the excess paste with a soft cloth or a wrung out sponge.
8. Repeat the same steps with the other lengths of the paper but make sure every alternate length of paper is installed upside down for great results.
9. Avoid overlapping seams.
10. Avoid opening windows and doors to speed up the drying process and let it dry naturally.

Use a traditional tub adhesive that is pH neutral and solvent free.

Ideal temperature while hanging wallpaper:
15°C to 28°C ( 59°F to 82°F)

1. First remove a corner of the paper.
2. Pull off one length of the wallpaper at a time.
3. Remove any excess paste from the walls by thoroughly washing the walls.

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