Armada - Royal Blue - Modular Sofa - Single Pieces


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You might recall the saggy, and boring modular sofas of days of yore but that’s not how they are anymore. We are designing modular sofas that are modern, timeless, and versatile. Well, it’s time to get on a fresh journey with us with our British-made modular sofas that offer variety, flexibility, and funky energy to your area which appears to be totally fresh. Our modular sofas are an intricate part of today’s modular high-end furniture that has the remarkable power to develop both a sense of volume and comfort.

Designed in chair-sized sections, you get the complete freedom to make a configuration of your own choice with the modules that are not locked together or space them out into various small settings or do something unusual with it with our bespoke designs. You get flexible comfort with these stunning different shaped modules (one with a seat and back, one with an arm on either side, one for just footrest, and more) to set up your sofa or change it whenever you need changes.

Handmade from start to finish, each part of our sofas is manufactured with utmost care to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation to you, right from sturdy hardwood frames that come with a 10-year frame guarantee to the finest quality genuine leathers and super soft comfortable fillings.

Bring these modular sofas home see them working brilliantly in spaces of all sizes allowing you to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment and fitting perfectly in your lifestyle.

Exclusively designed by ‘M Jannet J’


Footstool, Armless, Corner, Low Right Arm, Low Left Arm, High Right Arm, High Left Arm, Low Right Arm Chaise, Low Left Arm Chaise, High Right Arm Chaise, High Left Arm Chaise


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