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10 Careless Things You Do That Are Ruining Your Chesterfield Corner Sofas

Chesterfield Corner Sofas: The unique rule of sofa cost vs. quality is that a low- to medium-priced sofa should last about an average of 10 -15 years, while higher-priced sofas should last 25 years or even above that. But sadly, most people don’t manage to take proper care of their chesterfield corner sofas, and as a result, even high-quality chesterfield corner sofas can get old before their time. Most people don’t want to ruin their Chesterfield sofas, but if you’re doing any of these things, it will reshape and damage your couch.

If you don’t want to purchase a new leather chesterfield sofa bed from a chesterfield furniture shop, avoid doing these 10 things.

Chesterfield Corner Sofas


You Let the Stains Set on their Place:

If something spills on your sofa, it’s essential to clean it immediately without a delay of a single minute. The longer a stain remains intact on the fabric, the higher the risk that it will leave behind a permanent impression. So you can increase your chances of lifting the stain out by tackling it at once. If something spills on your sofa, it’s essential to clean it at the next minute. Allowing stains to settle in the fabric means they may become virtually terrible to clean easily. It will always vary depending on the structure and the material that has soiled it, but if you don’t take care of it right away, you run the risk of ruining it.

If your chesterfield sofa is looking a little rough, but you’re not ready to give up on it just yet, there are some easy tips and tricks you can do to keep it fresh. You might be startled how simple it is to teach an old sofa, some new tips.

Always Sitting In the Same Spot:

People are usual of their habit and when it comes to relaxation, we often, without thinking, head to our favourite point on the sofa. But sitting in the same place over and over again can do the couch quite a bit of harm—destroying the fibers and wearing down the springs below. So use it entirely and sit on different cushions of the sofa. One day sit on the left side, the next day sit on the right, and another day try the middle spot. Distributing the weight equally over time will help any spot from damaging too earlier.

You Don’t Care About the Upholstery:

One of the safest ways to keep your upholstery looking elegant and shiny is to shield it from getting dirty in the first place! A lot of people prepare a “no-eating-on-the-couch” rule, which can be useful and works in favour of its safety. But if that does not work, you can always put a blanket or plain cover over the couch before eating food. Or make the upholstery clean with a protective spray.

Chesterfield Corner Sofas and Playgrounds are Different:

Sofa and playgrounds are different things. Regardless of what your weight is, it’s not a kind gesture to throw yourself on your leather chesterfield sofa bed (No matter how distressing or amazing that episode of your favourite serial was!) Throwing your weight onto your couch can damage the entire frame, causing it to be less supportive and develop creaks. The same rule applies to recliners—always recline gently and smoothly, giving proper time to the couch. You will keep your armchairs and chesterfield corner sofas new for years by merely implying the above rules.

Change the Cushions Regularly:

If you want to get maximum durability out of a sofa, it’s essential to rotate the cushions regularly. Flip them over now and then; and shift them to different places. Flipping and rotating the pillows will allow them to keep their shape and help to eliminate sagging.

You Ignore Their Regular Maintenance:

Furniture joins can get loose from regular use, so take the time to tighten those screws and bolts regularly. It might require a bit of energy to get to the underside of your sofa, but it’s well worth the effort! A wobbly foot on your couch can easily break, so tightening a few screws would be far more accessible than getting the whole chesterfield corner sofa to get repaired.

Sleep on Sofas In place of Beds:

Sofas are designed and knitted for sitting, not sleeping. While it’s tempting to sleep—and sometimes you can’t help dozing off—your sofa is not intended for taking rest for a couple of hours. In the end, the entire frame and the cushion will sag and damage because of extended use. Sometimes a short duration nap is fine but if you’re making your mind for a full 9-10 hours’ sleep, do yourself a favour and make a trip straight to the bedroom.

You Move Furniture Carelessly

The riskiest time for your furniture, especially armchairs and chesterfields furniture, is during a move from one place to another, so make sure to be careful! Always lift your sofa, rather than pushing, pulling, or dragging it. And don’t stack heavy items against or on top of your couch, as that can cause damage as well.

Make it Dirty All the Time

If you’re like most folks, your sofa probably gets a lot of action, and eventually, it can get pretty dull and dirty. Even if it doesn’t look dusty and dry, it possibly encroaches in stain particles, weak fabric, bits of eatable particles, and who knows what else would be causing the roughness. No matter how neat and good looking you are, your sofa will get dusty, so make it clean regularly to extend its durability.

Make Its Direct Contact with Sun

Sunlight can bleach certain fabrics, and in some cases, cause them to fade and cause damage over time, so it’s significant not to leave your sofa in a sunny spot. If the back of the chesterfield sofa is facing sunlight all the time, it will eventually fade to a lighter colour than the front or vice versa. Or if half is in contact with sun, it will fade to a lighter colour than the other half. Or if you keep a scattering cushion in the same place, you’ll notice a significant difference in colour when you remove it. Keep your sofa away from the sun, or at least rotate it regularly to keep it looking new.

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